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What is R3 in Hunting?

R3 • 11 Comments

An explanation of the “R3” or Recruit, Retain, Reactivate Movement in Hunting. The room was packed full of people from all parts of the industry: non-profits, state agencies, industry ...

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A Look into the Mind of First Generation Hunters

Marketing in Hunting, R3

A Dive into an Actual Data Set from First Generation Hunters. The holy grail of hunter ...

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Marketing to Millennials is not a Zero-Sum Game

Marketing in Hunting, Millennials and Generation Z, R3

Hunting brands can produce content that appeals to baby boomers, Generation X and...

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Hunting Industry Wake-Up Call: Millennials are Here Now and Everything you Think is Wrong

Marketing in Hunting, Millennials and Generation Z

Breaking down the myths of millennials and their value. The visual that comes to most hunting...

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