Northwoods Collective is an outdoor creative agency dedicated to rebranding and rediscovering of the outdoors. From our award-winning digital film series, Project Upland, to network television productions, we develop visually-stunning content for outdoor industry brands. We also help deliver significant metrics through a wide range of services, such as SEO management, website design, data-mining, and social media campaigns.  We are a true outdoor multi-media house.

What We Do

Branded Photo & Film

Northwoods Collective employs a wide range of skills to produce branded content – from commercial spots to digital shorts – for practical and high traffic solutions.

Broadcast TV Production

For regional, national, and international broadcasters, we produce television shows from the ground up. Check out season 2 of New England Fishing.

Campaign Creation

Looking to make your brand pop? Like our #HealthForests campaign for the Ruffed Grouse Society, we can drive increased traction over sustained initiatives.

Print & Marketing Collateral

Need original, inspiring ads, brochures, or anything else print? Let us drive your printed marketing to a new level through our creative department.

Web Design & E-Commerce

Visually-stunning websites focused on specific company needs. From e-commerce website solutions to targeted lifestyle-blogging campaigns.

SEO Management Services

Website design doesn’t end at aesthetics. Northwoods Collective has a reputation for running high-quality, targeted SEO campaigns in the outdoor industry.

Lifestyle and Niche Branding

Northwoods Collective connects brands to their prospective audience in meaningful ways, creating a sense of community and identity through beautiful storytelling.

Social Media Solutions

Northwoods Collective can empower your brand’s social media to drive high engagement and unique demographics to cultivate and entrench your position as a lifestyle brand.

Driving Metrics

Northwoods Collective has the unique ability to not only produce high-quality branded content, but also the platforms to deliver the metrics needed to expose and grow your brand.


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