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Morning Thunder is a lifestyle platform created to deliver high-quality metrics to turkey hunting brands. We brought together two award-winning filmmakers to compile a powerful collection of short inspiring films as the primary driving mechanism of this epic turkey hunting series. Using the same marketing methods and platform as Project Upland, we will seek to make our mark in the turkey hunting community starting in March of 2018. 

Morning Thunder offers your brand the ability to create high-quality creative content, as well as the platform to deliver it to a highly-engaged audience.  From successful SEO, award-winning writers, short films, and aggressive social media marketing, Morning Thunder will be at the forefront of turkey hunting in North America.

1. SPRING 2018

In March of 2018 we will launch the Morning Thunder platform. Through our primary marketing tools – eight short films and a content-rich website – we will use the same strategies that put Project Upland on the map in a single season.


The Morning Thunder website will not only host the cinematic short films, but also a new series of articles for turkey hunters of all skill levels. The content will reaffirm the successful model of Project Upland with creative articles on culture, how-to, and science-based content.


Morning Thunder will launch an aggressive social media campaign leading into the launch of the first cinematic film. The same formula that made Project Upland social media at the forefront of the upland culture will be the same viral method to deliver Morning Thunder to a new audience.

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Project Details

Client: A Northwoods Collective Series

Date: August 1, 2017

Online: www.instagram.com/morning_thunder_hunt/

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