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New England Fishing started as a regional network broadcast TV show on New England Sports Network. In the first season, Northwoods Collective was hired to produce the final episode in Islamorada, Florida. Using this cinematic final show, New England Fishing made a bid for – and secured – a national platform on Discovery’s Destination America.  As a testament to our ability to produce high-quality, long-form content projects, we have been commissioned for Season 2.

We are engaged in the process beginning in the field with award-winning editor of Saltwater Sportsman, Tom Richardson, all the way to the editing board and delivery to the network.  Our efficient and high-end work on New England Fishing not only increased revenue from sponsors but also cut cost for Lighthouse Media.


Northwoods Collective has the ability to adapt to a wide range of environments and outdoor subjects.  We make 30-second spots, short films, and full TV shows, all while maintaining high visual standards and cinematic execution to serve the stories we are telling.


High-quality production starts in the field but ends on a cutting board. Many argue that the editing board is where the magic happens. From color grading, to network ready files Northwoods Collective has all the editing capabilities needed.


Northwoods Collective is experienced at navigating the delivery process to both domestic and foreign networks.  In Q3 2017, New England Fishing was re-edited and delivered to multiple foreign markets to increase viewership and revenue through license fees.

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Project Details

Client: Lighthouse Media Solutions

Date: August 20, 2017

Online: newenglandboating.com/fishing_season/new-england-fishing-season-1/

New England Fishing is brought to you by GMC, Garmin, Pursuit Boats, Yamaha, Bosun's Marine, and The Goose Hummock.
"New England Fishing celebrates and chronicles the region’s unique fishing destinations, techniques, gear and species through its television show, magazine."

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