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Project Upland is a lifestyle platform created to deliver high-quality metrics to upland hunting and gun dog companies. From award-winning films to award-winning writers, the Project Upland series has become a go-to source for upland content and inspiration. A quick tour through the Instagram hashtag #ProjectUpland will testify to the viral nature of this movement. In 2017, Project Upland expanded its operation to include two new series, Gun Dog Confidential and Basic Uplander.

Project Upland offers your brand the ability to create high-quality creative content, as well as the platform to deliver it to a highly-engaged audience. From successful films to our upcoming podcast series, Project Upland is at the forefront of upland bird hunting in North America.


Over 800,000 videos views in the past 6 months. 40,000 plus hits on the website per month. 21% Female following. Overall following 53% between the ages of 25 and 44 years old. 10.1 million impressions with a reach of 6.1 million. 246.9 people engaged with 254k clicks.


To create a lifestyle brand that appeals to all ages and demographics while engaging in proactive hunter recruitment and retention. Provide high-quality FREE multi-media entertainment in the form of film, web, and print.


Project Upland was created to give upland brands a creative and affordable solution to modern marketing styles. We give access to an audience that we’ve built over the years to enable immediate lifestyle brand integration.

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Project Details

Client: A Northwoods Collective Series

Date: August 28, 2017

Online: www.projectupland.com

"Gun Dog Confidential" is a series of short inspiring films, articles, and "how to" videos to not only help expand the learning of novices but also promote the healthy knowledge and iteration of veterans. With revolutionary theories on mixing content from first hand novice perspective and various expert opinions it offers a creative and welcoming platform for gun dog handler and trainers from all walks of life.
"Basic Uplander" was created as a hunter retention initiative. 2017 continues to see the launch of articles on "how to" from the most basic to advanced. We hope to build out a full hub to get the A to Z of bird hunting by species, region, and seasons to allow aspiring bird hunters to find an easy go to place for information. In 2018 we will expand the series to include how to videos on hunting methods, shooting, species, habitat identification and many more topics in creative and cinematic documentary style short films.

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