It's not just another decoy, it's an experience.
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In 2015, Northwoods Collective took over the social media (Facebook) for TurkeyFan. At the time, the company struggled with exposure and creative social media engagement. With over a 350% increase in sales in the first season after the Northwoods Collective intervention, our impact had a lasting effect on the company.

The following year, after another 200% in sales increases, Northwoods Collecive was engaged to create a multi-faceted website to handle TurkeyFan but also two more newly launch brands/products,  ElkFan and AntelopeFan.  The parent company, KillerGear, commissioned a website to handle three brands, drop-shipping, wholesale sales, and even pro-staff discounting program and applications.  


With a reach of 3.1 million people in the first 4 months, Northwoods Collective engaged 289.9k people with 319.2k clicks and 232.3 video views. The brand has now reached over 15.3 million people.


Through Wo0Commerce and WordPress, Northwoods Collective was able to deliver all the needs without sacrificing ease of use or SEO capability of the site. From complex pricing to pro-staff applications, were able to create a unique platform at an affordable price.


TurkeyFan is now recognized as the leading fanning decoy on the turkey hunting market. From placement in stores, such as Cabelas, the brand has grown through social channels to the top of the food chain.

Project Details

Client: The KillerGear Company

Date: August 10, 2017

Online: killergear.com/

KillerGear is an outdoor product manufacturing and marketing company. We are a group of guys with ridiculously expensive habits and addictions to adventure hunting. Being entrepreneurs what better way to fund our expeditions to far off places and piles of overpriced hunting and filming gear, than to bring our garage built hunting based ideas and inventions to the market place.
The flagship product of KillerGear is the Turkey Fan™. After several years of product development and product design, we felt comfortable to launch this product into the marketplace. We have several other outdoor products in the pipeline and plan to pursue many ideas in the near future.

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