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Last modified: January 9, 2020

2 Replies to “Contact”

  1. JASON says:

    Please have someone contact me. My name is Jason McAlister Perry, I am from Little Rock, Arkansas. I founded the McAlister waterfowl / upland brand 23 years ago, also founded the brand Mountain Khakis, was a co-founder of rebirthing the classic “duxbak” brand and now have broken free to recreate taking back the values I founded everything on regarding the brand McAlister … promoting the same values you guys are doing…I cheer you guys one 100% … what your doing is what is not only needed today but your promoting the ethics and good ways that I want to be partnered with and I am about to launch a brand that I want to see if we can team up on promoting the same good old school good values to bring back what’s been lost. My number is 501-350-0824. Jason M Perry. Thank you for doing what your doing. Jason

  2. Ken Paulson says:

    I would like to buy two copies of issue 2.2

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