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Last modified: January 9, 2020

4 Replies to “Contact”

  1. JASON says:

    Please have someone contact me. My name is Jason McAlister Perry, I am from Little Rock, Arkansas. I founded the McAlister waterfowl / upland brand 23 years ago, also founded the brand Mountain Khakis, was a co-founder of rebirthing the classic “duxbak” brand and now have broken free to recreate taking back the values I founded everything on regarding the brand McAlister … promoting the same values you guys are doing…I cheer you guys one 100% … what your doing is what is not only needed today but your promoting the ethics and good ways that I want to be partnered with and I am about to launch a brand that I want to see if we can team up on promoting the same good old school good values to bring back what’s been lost. My number is 501-350-0824. Jason M Perry. Thank you for doing what your doing. Jason

  2. Ken Paulson says:

    I would like to buy two copies of issue 2.2

  3. Rob Killeffer says:

    Hi, Still waiting to receive Project Upland magazine. (Subscription went in a while ago.) Bought the Winter 2020 copy at a newsstand and was impressed.
    Is it possible to get any earlier copies of the magazine? If so, please let me know. Hope I will receive a 2021 magazine soon.
    Thanks for your help with this.
    Rob Killeffer, 9 Cedar Terrace, Pembroke, Ma. 02359

    • A.J. DeRosa says:

      Hey Rob,

      The Summer issue is shipping this week so everyone should start seeing copies this week into next. As far as past issues the only back issue still available is the Spring 2021 issue. (

      Unfortunately, they will not be reprinted and we no longer have any other issues in stock. Occasionally people sell them on Ebay and elsewhere. For a point of reference on collecting, there have been 11 issues so far. Issue Zero which was 2018, then 4 issues in Volume One, 4 Issues in Volume Two. 2021 is Volume Three and two-issues are out if you include the Summer coming this week.

      Wish I could have given you a better answer on back issues.


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