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A.J. DeRosa is a co-founder of the Northwoods Collective. A New England native, he made his first mark in the outdoor industry with the critically-acclaimed book The Urban Deer Complex. He later went on to create the award-winning platform Project Upland. From directing network television to shooting short films, A.J. aspires to create innovative creative content for the outdoor industry. He is passionate about bringing new demographics to experience and better love the outdoors.

A.J. DeRosa
Partner, Creative Director

Chet Hervey is a co-founder of the Northwoods Collective and the manager of it’s business affairs. He lives in the chimney of northern Idaho with his wife, son, and their Braque du Bourbonnais. Chet spends his falls chasing pheasant and quail, his winters coaching youth hockey, his springs chasing turkey, and summers tenkara fly-fishing and/or boating on the Snake River. He brings his background in film and television distribution, media production, and corporate consultation to propel Northwoods Collective to greater growth and impact.

Chet Hervey
Partner, Business Affairs

James is a designer and art director living in a small town in North Idaho with his lovely wife. He specializes in brand identity and print design—focusing on building clean, simple, and timeless brands with people that love what they do. When he’s not at his desk, you’ll find him surfing rivers, skiing of cliffs, and fly fishing his grandfather’s secret spots. His branding expertise and broad range of knowledge in publishing, photography, and the extreme sports industry serves Northwoods Collective well.

James Engerbretson
Graphic Design & Art Direction

Nathaniel grew up hunting and fishing in the Missouri Ozarks and began filming his hunts in 1995 at the age of eleven with a Sears VHS camcorder. Although technology has changed since then, his love for the outdoors and film work has remained the driving force behind his work. In 2011, Nathaniel launched Slate + Glass, a full service production company. Since then, he’s worked on over 500 different projects.

Nathaniel Maddux
Film & Photo // Midwest & Southern US

Andrea Cavaglià was raised hunting in the Italian Alps. His family has bred a long line of English Setters. His passion for the outdoors is magnified in his evolving work as a filmmaker and photographer. Andrea’s past client work includes some of the Italian classics like Franchi and Fiocchi. He is the lead on film and photography for the Northwoods Collective in Europe.

Andrea Cavaglià
Film & Photo // Europe

Wil Sensing is a portrait and commercial photographer and filmmaker based in the northwest. Originally from Nashville, he relocated in 2013 and spent the last 5 years turning his passion for film & photo into a career. When he’s not working, you can find him road tripping, snowboarding, or backpacking—and always with a camera.

Wil Sensing
Film & Photo // Western & Mountain US

Jesse St. Andre is a New England native and is a lifelong hunter and avid trapper. Combining a degree in Urban Forestry with a life of field experience, Jesse has spent the last several years laying the framework for hunter recruitment and retention for the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. In addition to that, he represents Northwoods Collective as an R3 Coordinator. Whether he’s teaching the classroom basics of hunting or hosting seminars in downtown Boston on processing wild game, Jesse stays on the leading edge of the constantly evolving field of R3.

Jesse St. Andre
R3 Advisor

Ryan Lisson is a biologist (B.S. Biological Sciences) and environmental consultant by trade. He has spent the last decade restoring natural habitats, conducting wildlife and habitat surveys, and assessing impacts to terrestrial wildlife species due to infrastructure projects. Ryan is a regular content contributor and editor of biological sciences with Project Upland. He is an avid grouse and whitetail hunter from northern Minnesota and loves managing wildlife habitat almost as much as he loves hunting.

Ryan Lisson
Editor of Biological Sciences

Doug’s career in photojournalism includes feature, editorial, newspaper, periodical, multimedia, news, and photo assignments for both the Army and Department of the Interior—in locations ranging from the Western U.S. to Germany and across the Pacific. His work in government newspapers has been recognized by the Army’s “Civilian Print Journalist of the Year” (1990) and numerous first place awards. Doug lives in Sierra Vista, Arizona along with his wife, Joy.

Douglas Soleida

Caleb Warner was born in a historic farmhouse surrounded by cornfields, before it was all overtaken by Chicago’s urban sprawl. He is a recent grad of New Saint Andrews College and spends his time either reading Walker Percy, looking for people to help, or finishing yet another book no one has read. Caleb ensures that every written word that Northwoods Collective puts into public would meet and exceed the standards of the strictest schoolmarm.

Caleb Warner