Need help imagining the future of your brand? Looking for research, advice, and ideas for 2020 and beyond? Northwoods Collective can work with your team to inspire new ideas and develop new skills to launch your brand into the future of the hunting industry. From onsite team building, ongoing consulting, and access to our candid experience, we want to help your brand thrive over the long term.


At our core, Northwoods Collective is a content creation company. Our team of award-winning filmmakers, photographers, artists, writers, and editors will develop modern, cutting-edge content that is customized to your brand’s needs. Documentary films, TV shows, short film series, books, catalogs, and magazines comprise our brand from stem to stern. Let us help bring your story to life. 


SEO management is one of the most difficult things to execute in media. Our proven reputation for aggressive SEO strategies with long-term success has set us apart in the hunting industry. We have walked the walk and continue to grow in this difficult space. All SEO projects require at least a three year commitment, including editorial management and possible website updates, to ensure maximum effectiveness.


We are millennials; our generation pretty much wrote the book on social media. From the content needed to run highly effective Instagram accounts to Facebook marketing and ads, our brands are living proof of the power of social media in the 21st century. Let us take the guesswork out of social media management with our experience. Make a true connection directly to your audience with the authenticity of your brand. 


 Chet Hervey

 Managing Partner of

 Business Affairs


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