We are hunting
To find nature no matter where it is.
We are fishing
To live the traditions of mankind.
We are the Northwoods Collective
To inspire generations to come.

Project Upland is a lifestyle platform created to deliver high-quality metrics to upland hunting and gun dog companies. From award winning films to award-winning writers, the Project Upland series has become a go-to source for upland content and inspiration.

Northwoods Collective is a content creation company that specializes in branded content. We make inspiring short films, photography, and feature length productions to showcase and highlight outdoor products and brands. We have produced cinematic and engaging content for some of the leading names in the outdoor industry.

New England Fishing started as a regional network broadcast TV show on New England Sports Network. In the first season, Northwoods Collective was hired to produce the final episode in Islamorada, Florida. Using this cinematic final show, New England Fishing made a bid for – and secured – a national platform on Discovery’s Destination America.  As a testament to our ability to produce high-quality, long-form content projects, we have been commissioned for Season 2.

Morning Thunder is a lifestyle platform created to deliver high quality metrics to turkey hunting brands. We brought together two award-winning filmmakers to compile a powerful collection of short inspiring films as the primary driving mechanism of this epic turkey hunting series. Using the same marketing methods and platform as Project Upland, we will seek to make our mark in the turkey hunting community starting in March of 2018. 

In 2016, Northwoods Collective was engaged by the Ruffed Grouse Society to grow their membership and brand awareness. The #HealthyForests campaign was designed to not only recruit new members but to humanize the organization through personals stories and regional issues related to forestry management. 

In 2015, Northwoods Collective took over the social media (Facebook) for TurkeyFan. At the time, the company struggled with exposure and creative social media engagement. With over a 350% increase in sales in the first season after the Northwoods Collective intervention, our impact had a lasting effect on the company.