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About Northwoods Collective

Northwoods Collective is an outdoor creative agency dedicated to rebranding and rediscovering the outdoors. From our award-winning brand, Project Upland, to network television productions, we develop visually stunning and story-driven content for outdoor industry brands.

To find nature no matter where it is.

To live the traditions of mankind.

To inspire generations to come.

To rediscover the outdoors.

Northwoods Collective Motto


2014: The Amazon best selling deer hunting book The Urban Deer Complex is published by Dangerous Cow Publishing, a media house founded by A.J. DeRosa as an outlet for modern, outdoor-related content

2015: The exploration into film production begins with The Original Red Meat and Carbon Wingprint as part of the now-defunct huntergreen.org

2016: The first films under the working title “Project Upland” begin production, along with films in association with the Ruffed Grouse Society

2017: Project Upland is officially founded by A.J. DeRosa and launches its social media presence along with projectupland.com. The new website logs over 250k hits and 110k unique visitors. Nick Larson begins as host of the Project Upland Podcast in September.

2018: Dangerous Cow Publishing is dissolved and Northwoods Collective is officially launched with the addition of Managing Partner of Business Affairs, Chet Hervey. Morning Thunder, a turkey hunting brand, is officially founded. That winter, “Issue Zero” of Project Upland Magazine launches along with The Bird Hunting Anthology: Volume One. The website logs over 500k visits and 240k unique visitors.

2019: Project Upland Listen is launched with the addition of The Gun Dog Notebook Podcast, hosted by Durrell Smith, and Project Upland On the Go, an audio article series. Project Upland Magazine hits newsstands including Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, and Bass Pro Shops. Projectupland.com logs over 1.2 million hits on the website and over 600k unique visitors. Endless Migration makes its debut with brand manager Jake Terry. Urban Deer Complex 2.0 is published.

2020: Project Upland’s first feature length film #PublicGrouse goes on film tour with Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. Our first audio book production Woodcock Shooting by Edmund Davis is released on Audible. Project Upland launches Hunting Dog Confidential, a podcast co-hosted by Jennifer Wapenski and author Craig Koshyk and focused on the history and culture of hunting dogs. The UpChukar podcast hosted by Travis Warren joins the Project Upland Listen platform. 

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Last modified: July 15, 2020